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Why Grade Seed


Grading your seed for the next planting season is the most important part of successful farming in Australia. Eliminating any possible diseases at the early stage makes financial sense. The aim of farmers is to have the biggest yield on their farms. Only good quality seed with quality seed dressings to discourage disease and its crop enhancing treatments will deliver the maximum yield possible.

Various trails conducted by the Department of Agriculture in Western Australia has produced proof the percentage of large germinated seeds has a smaller loss in emergence. Of the large quality seeds planted, 95% germinated and of this 85% emerged. A relatively small difference. However when using smaller seeds of lesser quality is used only 91% germinated and a large loss occurred as only 72 % emerged. This is totally unaccepted for the professional farmer wanting to produce feasible volumes of good quality crops.

Using the experience and knowledge gathered over many years WalcoSeed Cleaning can have all your wheat, oats, barley, peas, beans and canola seeds expertly cleaning ready to produce the crops you desire. Not only has many of the farmers in the areas found that using this service saves them large amounts of money but leaves their seeds ready for the next planting season. Consistently producing quality crops is what the farming industry is all about.

Although cleaning and dressing the seeds for disease control is the core business of Kurt and his team from Walco Seed Cleaning, they also specialize in crop enhancing seed treatment such as Zinc and the application of multi-trace elements. These applications will boost the yield of the crop and produce healthy seeds for the next season.

Crop diseases are the biggest disaster that a farmer will encounter as they can effectively reduce the yield by as much as 30%. Not only is this financially not acceptable but the seeds for the next season may be too small and their quality not suitable for replanting. The biggest threats come from Smuts & Bunts to rusts of various strains. Having them apply a good seed dressing can eliminate this possible threat.

Walco Seed Cleaning offers a 30 day guarantee on the results of their grading of your seeds ensuring only the best quality for your next planting season without missing rows due to blockages caused by straws.

Improve Emergence Rate

Trials conducted by the Department of Agriculture in Western Australia found the follow:

  • Small seeds had a 91% germination rate but only a 72% emergence rate

    Small seeds had a 91% germination rate but only a 72% emergence rate

  • Large seeds had a 95% germination rate and an 85% emergence rate

    Large seeds had a 95% germination rate and an 85% emergence rate


This study found that large seeds yielded a 75% greater crop than small seeds:

“Plants from small seeds yielded approximately 77% of those grown from large seeds in the greenhouse and 57% in the field…Superior production mainly resulted from a greater number of heads on plants grown from larger seeds.”

Kaufmann and McFadden (1960) Alberta, Canada Barley

This graph shows the cost per hectare of various practices employed in a typical growing program. You can easily see grading of seed is very low cost compared with other factors:
[graph from whitepaper]

The closer farmers can get to 100% emergence, the higher yields and profits will be and at the same time, will lower input costs. There’s no reason why poor quality seed should be planted. Fortunately this can be easily controlled by implementing the professional services of Walco Seed Cleaning.

Fight Diseases from the Start

As a seed grading operator, Kurt has seen first hand the heartache of not having your seed treated. Diseases in crops can have disastrous results, reducing the yield by up to 30%. These diseases are well recognized, from smuts & bunts to rust of various strains and rhizoctonia. All these problems can be suppressed or avoided completely simply by having good quality seed dressing competently applied to your seed.

Use Trace Elements to Boost Results

In addition to disease inhibiting dressings, there are also crop enhancing seed treatments such as Zinc and multi-trace elements which will potentially boost your crop yield and vigor. All this can be applied & supplied by Walco Seed Cleaning.

Not only can you have your wheat, oats, barley, peas, beans etc cleaned, you can also have your canola seed cleaned. Many farmers in the district are now finding that by engaging the services of Walco Seed Cleaning, they are able to save money by having their canola seed expertly treated and ready for planting the next season.

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