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What We Do

Walco Seed Cleaning have been around for over 16 years and have massed great experience in the industry, and are supported by a specialist network of companies providing them with the latest advancements and up to date information in seed treatments and seed grading technology.

Walco Seed Cleaning Pty Ltd is a member of the Independent Associated Seed Graders Inc., and along with the support of the Australian Seed Federation and other recognised industry bodies, Kurt & Merey are able to provide their customers the highest level of service in the district.

Our seed grading and seed treatment services help farmers increase germination rates and crop yield by:

  • Removing all destructive elements from seed stock
  • Removing seeds of unwanted plants, other crops, or weeds
  • Filtering out damaged or diseased seed
  • Selection of bigger, more viable seed stock
  • Treat seeds with a custom mixture of seed treatments to improve germination.

History of Seed Grading

Wheat has been a facet of Australian agriculture since the First Fleet arrived in Sydney in 1788. Wheat can be grown in a variety of soils and conditions but early varieties were susceptible to diseases and many difficulties are experienced with its production. Wheat grading machines were used to separate the finer wheat seeds from the inferior and substandard seeds. The substandard seeds were used for chicken feed while the better seeds were saved for the next years sowing. One of the general rules for a good seed was a larger size. The grader helped measure the seeds into a uniform size. Wheat graders distilled the large seeds from smaller ones, as well as separated out weed seeds, other crop seeds, damaged seeds, straw, and dust.

This photograph shows a steel-wheeled farm wagon carrying a seed grader made by The Clyde Engineering Co. Ltd, a large Australian firm in Granville, a suburb of Sydney. This firm made agricultural machinery, engineering equipment, and railway rolling stock during the first half of the twentieth century.


What You Can Expect From Your Professional Seed Grader



Sample of oats before and after cleaning showing what we can achieve. These oats were transported off farm straight after cleaning, packed into containers and exported overseas. The wheat and barley on the far right is offal. Of course we can reverse the same process and have the oats as offal.

Barley Seed

A typical sample of barley off the header

Offal removed during the cleaning process


Final sample ready to be sown. Barley has been treated with a fungicide to protect the seedling from Powdery Mildew, Leaf Scald, Smuts & Bunts. As the farmer has a deficiency of Zinc in his paddocks, we also applied Zinc as a seed dressing to give the plant a boost to germinate. Farmers are seeing great results by using zinc and other trace elements.

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