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Seed Grading Services in SA’s Mid North & Balaklava regions

Seed Grading is the term used for getting the largest, healthiest seed suitable for sowing the next seasons crop.

Plants from larger seeds are often more vigorous, grow more quickly and produce more tillers, especially at the early stages of growth.

The difference between plants from small and large seeds may be greater under competition from weeds. In the plant world, most resources are available on a first-come-first-served basis. The advantage generally goes to the first plant to occupy the space, creating shade, using the water and nutrients.

Larger seed is proven to increase yield and also shows that seed can be harvested earlier too!

Where To Save Your Seed From”

Saving seed from the worst area of the paddock is only putting you on the back foot in terms of increasing your profit.

Take a look at the video for some simple tips on what to do and not do when saving your seed.

  • The DO’S:

    The DO’S:

    Make sure your machinery is clean and free from contamination from other varieties Wash out and spray insecticide in silos before storing seed to reduce weevil infestation Treat all cereal grains with IGR if you don’t have aerated silos Do monthly checks on stored grain for weevil and moisture contamination

  • The DON’TS:

    The DON’TS:

    Don’t save seed from the edge of the paddock. Drier soils from tree lines have put stress on the seed and the increase of weed seeds are higher. Don’t reap durum seed straight after wheat or barley (Ideally do a legume crop before durum). Don’t save wheat seed straight after doing a barley crop.

    Hopefully these few simple ideas will help you get the most from all your efforts.

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