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Will you do the pickle application for me?

Yes! We supply and apply the pickle formulation, taking care of the whole process from beginning to end. That means you don’t get stuck with unwanted chemicals hanging around that will eventually harden over time, rendering them useless.

What new chemicals are available to protect against pests and diseases?

What new chemicals are available to protect against pests and diseases?

What is the best form of Weevil Control?

We use a combination of Reldan Plus and K-Obiol Combi with good results. Reldan Plus can be used for all stored grain except malting barley and rice. It targets many weevils, beetles and borers.

K-Obiol Combi is a mixture used in a one-time-only application which must be done by someone who is qualified, approved and certified. Walco Seed Cleaning is accredited to carry out the application process for you, which should only be used on infestation-free grain and is unsuitable for oil seeds and pulses.

How many tonnes per hour can you grade?

We have two types of machines available and on average grade between 10-20 tonnes per hour. Our machines are able to reach into the largest field bin. When your silo is too high we can grade directly into a truck or auger. Treatment of the grain (fungicide, insecticide and trace elements) can also be carried out during the grading process.

Can you get Wheat out of Barley and vice versa?

Over the years we have perfected one of the most reliable and efficient systems in the district that produces consistently good results. No system is 100% effective, but thanks to our years of experience and our unique machine configuration ours performs better than most. Getting wheat out of barley can be challenging, particularly for malt grain barley that needs to meet strict industry standards for beer production.

Can you get straw out of oats?

Yes! We guarantee our cleaning and grading procedures to make sure you encounter no issues when it comes to seeding time. Contact Kurt for more information and to discuss your specific requirements. Contact us

Can you do bin to bin grading? (i.e. bins lined up in a row)

Our large machines can do inline bin to bin grading, moving from one bin to the next, or to and from 70-100 tonne farm silos. This eliminates the need to load or unload trucks and speeds up the process.

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