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Where To Save Your Seed From This Harvest?

06 Oct 2021

Getting The Best Seed From Your Harvest
Increasing your profitability starts with good quality seed. Note that germination and establishment rates are vastly improved when you save the BIGGEST and PLUMPEST seed.

Leave The Edges Of The Paddock For Sale
It is important to remember that there is a great chance that weeds from the neighbours and road sides can contaminate your seed. Another reason to keep seeds away from the edges is that trees at the margin reduce moisture needed for the growth of crops.

Take Note Of Any Disease That Has Occurred Throughout The Growing Season
Let’s apply the concept of the saying “prevention is better than cure” in looking after our crops. Things like Loose Smut can re-infect your crops the next season if you don’t take any precautionary action like putting treatments.

Understanding Crop Rotation
When going barley to wheat or from cereal to durum, you need to fill and empty your header box several times to avoid any contamination from other paddocks or varieties.

Legumes Have a Higher Germination Rate When Reaped Earlier
A higher than lower moisture content of grain actually adds a buffer to cracking and slitting of seeds.

Weed Seeds Easily Hide in Peas and Beans
To avoid weeds from growing with your peas and beans, you need to do a proper and thorough check, or better yet, just do seed cleaning. The cost of sprays and weed competition can easily outweigh the cost of cleaning.

For Best Protection, Only Give Your Seed Registered Products As Treatment
Again with the expression “Prevention is better than cure”, you have to take note of any issues in your crop’s health for planning next year’s crop. Using registered and trusted products for your seed provides better protection for your crop and your investment.

Stored Seed Should Be Kept Cool
Note that when reaping on hot days, stored heat in a bin will reduce the germination rate of the seed, so you need to keep the lids of the silos open where possible. You can also move the grain when the ambient temperature is cool specially when storing before seed grading.

Storing Seeds For More Than a Month
In storing seeds for more than a couple of months before grading and treating, use a registered IGR (Insect Growth Regulator) insecticide to dress your seeds against weevil.

When Using a Seed Grader
Always use a professional seed grader with a proven reputation guaranteeing improved results and return on investment.

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