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Understanding The Importance Of Seed Vigour

Understanding The Importance Of Seed Vigour

22 Jul 2020

Seeds with vigour make plants grow bigger. Not only bigger, but more resistant and ultimately generating a more productive yield.

When we talk about seed vigour we’re referring to the overall combination of a seed’s properties – its size, purity, cleanliness, and germination potential. A seed’s vigour determines how well it performs, its ability to yield strong seedlings that become robust and uniform plants. On the other hand, seeds seen to be low in vigour will produce weaker seedlings that will be more susceptible to attack, contamination, and other environmental issues.

What makes for a successful crop? It takes well established plants that germinate quickly, evenly, and provide the maximum amount of healthy produce. The more vigorous the seed, the better your chances of achieving this, so here’s what you need to know about seed vigour:

  • Size matters: Seeds should be uniform in size; this is an indication that they’re all of the same quality and purity. A mixture of sizes could be a sign that the seeds haven’t been graded properly, meaning it’s more likely there will be contaminants and weaker specimens among them.
  • Paddock Competition: The more evenly the seed distribution in the paddock the less chance that weeds will compete for vital nutrients and moisture
  • Seed purity: As well as being uniform in size, seeds should also contain only a single variety. Any mixture among the seeds can introduce cross fertilisation potential or enable weaker seeds to pass on contaminants to the stronger seeds, ruining your crop.
  • Seed cleanliness: Seeds are cleaned to remove the chaff and any inert material that can damage their performance. Dirt, twigs, straw, stones and weeds carry contaminants that can limit the seed’s productivity and possibly render it useless.
  • Germination power: Seeds that are of uniform size, shape, colour, purity and cleanliness will produce stronger seedlings that become healthy plants. Seedlings from robust seed stock will germinate faster giving early, uniform stands that shield and protect each other.

Give your crops a fighting chance by sowing vigorous seeds that truly perform.

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