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How Fast Do We Grade Your Seed?

25 Jul 2020

Hi! It’s Kurt, Walco Seed Cleaning. A question I get asked is, how long is it going to take to clean my grain?

0:13 Essentially, that’s how many tonne an hour can we do through the machines? Basically, we’ve got two machines that we use for seed grading. We got a combination of other machines to help us clean as well. We’ll show you that in another video.

0:26 Predominantly we have two machines, the one behind me you can see in the video, that’s our semi cleaner. That one has a capacity of generally around about 15 tonne an hour doing seed work. With harvest cleaning we can run it through it at about 20 ton an hour.

0:45 The other machine, the Westrup as we call it, that one has a capacity of about 23 tonnes an hour for harvest cleaning and doing seed work, we generally run around 15, 16 or 17 tonnes an hour depending on the sample. Both of them do a good job. We pickle at the same time at the very end of the process for doing your seed.

1:10 We can apply a combination of pickles as well, not just the one product but anything up to about five or even six products which we have done on some occasions. Basically, if you work on that sort of capacity, the cleanout time is generally around about probably 10 minutes roughly, 15 minutes  depending if we need to change screens between varieties – that’s going from one silo to the next.

1:36 Generally, on average if you allow 10-12 tonnes per hour doing wheat and barley, that’s sort of the time that we’re working on.

If you need any more information or want to book your seed grading, feel free to give us a call.  The number’s on the page here.  Check us out on Twitter and Facebook also. I’ll catch you later and have a good season.

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