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3 Reasons Why Quality Seeds Count

3 Reasons Why Quality Seeds Count

22 Jul 2020

You wouldn’t buy a tractor with a tiller that only turned over half the soil and made you go over the same spot again. If it’s going to help make your life easier, whatever job you’re doing, it has to be fit for purpose. That’s as true when it comes to selecting the right seeds as it is for any of your other supplies.

Depending on your experience, it might not be so easy to differentiate between superior seeds and seeds of a lesser quality. Knowing what makes quality seeds stand out can help you get a cost-effective product that delivers the goods.

Here are a few things you should know:

  • Quality seeds are pure, containing only one variety of seed. And a mixture of seeds will leave the best seeds open to potential attack or infection which could be disastrous for your entire crop.
  • Quality seeds should be cleaned so that all foreign bodies have been removed, leaving you with the purest and strongest of the bunch. Any weeds, stones, straw or litter should be eliminated during the cleaning process. Watch out for discoloured seeds that could be an indication of disease.
  • Quality seeds should be pure and clean, making them more vigorous producers. They’re more likely to enjoy higher germination and yield more vigorous seedlings and plants.

So why plough your money into a product that won’t deliver? The better your seeds are, the better your crop will be. More robust seeds that are free from contamination will perform to their highest potential and make harvest time a real bonanza.

Ask your supplier about the various seed treatments available. Seeds can be treated as part of the cleaning and grading process, giving them added protection against contaminants and insects.

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